The Brownstone Detectives’ stock-in-trade is our House History Book.

book_comp_flat_lowWe take pride in the research behind – and the building of – each House History Book. Each House History Book is a bespoke historical document vividly detailing the specific record of your home and the people who lived there.

IMG_0701-2borderWhen you commission us to create your House History Book, we will embark upon an exhaustive search through the archives of city agencies and historical societies, review census records and newspaper archives, and conduct searches wherever our clues lead in order to uncover the materials and records specifically related to the lineage of your home and its former owners.


We offer two discrete variations of House History Book to fit the budgets and the preferences of any homeowners. Both are bespoke, professionally crafted products that become a proud keepsake to be displayed on the coffee table of any historic home.

Presentation Size.

1. Our PRESENTATION House History Book: Our Presentation House History Book, starting at 30 pages in length, is bound in a durable, hardback, 8 1/2″ X 11″ portrait orientation format. The Presentation Size book is laid out chronologically and is laser-printed with a color cover graphic. The research, writing, layout, and production for the Presentation House History Book takes approximately 1-2 months of exacting detail to produce the final product.

2. Our COFFEE TABLE House History Book: Our Coffee Table House History Book, starting at 50 pages in length (and running upwards of 150 pages in length, depending upon your preferences), is library-bound and published in a durable, hardback, 11″ X 13″ landscape orientation format. This size book is professionally laid out by our graphic designer, utilizing a high quality matte paper and a singularly designed cover featuring our graphic artist’s detailed rendering of your home.

Coffee Table size.
Coffee Table Size.
Depending on the length of your coffee table House History Book, its research, writing, layout, and production generally can take between 6-8 months of very exacting attention to detail. This process culminates in a final product that will complement and add value to your home. (Click HERE to see excerpts from the inside of some of our House History Books.)


Since no two houses are alike, we look to the age of your property to the gauge the amount of historical information likely available to us as well as the amount of research that will be involved. This helps us to determine the approximate page-count of your House History Book as well as our cost to produce it for you.

1. PRESENTATION: Our Presentation House History Book comes in two types. The first type covers the complete history of your house from the day construction began to the present day. This book consists of approximately 30 pages and costs a flat $750. The second type includes – in addition to the history of your house – a history of the ownership of the land that your house was built upon – starting with its ownership subsequent to the arrival of the Dutch in the 1600s. This book consists of approximately 40 pages and costs a flat $975. Of course, since each house is different, your house – if it has much more history associated with it – may warrant a book with additional pages. Ask us about our fee schedule for larger Presentation House History Books (If your house was built before 1870, there may be an additional charge of $200 In certain sections of Brooklyn, houses were renumbered around 1870, and will require us to do further research into ascertaining the old house number)..

2. COFFEE TABLE: Our Coffee Table House History Book starts at $4950 for a professionally laid out and bound 50-page book. The page-count of the book depends upon the content you would like included in your book, and determines its price. Examples of this individually selected content are a census analyzation for your block/neighbors, the search for former owners and descendants of owners (for personal stories and home photographs), the search for notable/famous neighbors, a property timeline delineating its ownership with the occurrence of events, forewords, introductions, and the like – all of which you chose during the design phase of your book.


Our promise to you is simple:

We will work with you to determine the House History Book that satisfies your wishes and fits within your budget, and we will produce a House History Book for your home that will surpass your expectations and which you will be proud to display in your home.

Contact us today with your home address to discuss creating a House History Book of your own.

An excerpt from a Brownstone Detectives book.
An excerpt from a Brownstone Detectives book.

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