170 Carroll Street Brooklyn, NY* 170 Carroll Street – an 1870s brick and brownstone 3-story with basement structure (with a lineage that seriously surprised us), this 145-year old home was built upon one of the first land patents ever granted in North America. Given by the Dutch West India Company to Frederick Lubbertse, the parameters of the land were vast, including today’s Red Hook and Carroll Gardens. The Farmland became known as “Lubberte’s Neck,” and Lubbertse, a former boatswain of Director-General Kieft, began immediately to improve and develop his land. Subsequent owners of the land included Revolutionary War heroes, a Tory sympathizer, a Brooklyn mayor, a president of the New York Stock Exchange, and one of the most popular actresses of the 18th century stage. Once the brownstone home was built, it was owned or occupied by numerous bankers, industrialists, men of the cloth, laborers, and (what story would be complete without) Italian gangsters.


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