1100 Block Union Street Brooklyn, NY* 1190 Union Street – a 1914 limestone, located in Crown Heights, this structure is an original “Easy Housekeeping Home” constructed by Realty Associates. The house’s design was described as being specifically intended “for a family wanting all the comforts of an entire house without the absolute necessity of servant help.” The house had five owners in its 101-year history, and while the land started out as a part of Teunis Joralemon’s farm, it later fell into the possession of the Sage family. Henry W. Sage, a wealthy New York State businessman, philanthropist, and early benefactor and trustee of Cornell University, first acquired the property, followed by his son, Dean Sage, a lumber baron and Renaissance man of sorts, who was a leading authority on trout and salmon fishing, an amateur pugilist, and a breeder of trotting horses, sporting dogs and fighting cocks.

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