1259DeanFront* 1259 Dean Street – before being built in 1892 – upon land once owned by Leffert “Judge” Lefferts – the lot that this brick and limestone residence sits upon had originally been home to a horse stable. By the time, though, that a home was constructed there, the neighborhood was slowly transitioning from rural to suburban. What was originally Bedford, was slowly becoming the select “St. Mark’s District.” Designed by Albert E. White, and built by John A. Bliss, its first owner was Webster Clay Powell, an umbrella magnate. At his passing, the wife of a clothing store manager purchased the home, renting it to a stream of pediatricians. Afterwards, a large 10-member Irish family maintained the residence, selling it to dentist who ran it as a rooming house. He eventually lost the property during the depression to a government-sponsored organization, HOLC, created in the New Deal to “help home owners avert foreclosures.” Afterwards, a plumber purchased the home, flipping it a few months later to a young African-American couple, who maintained it for some 32 years, after which another couple purchased the property for investment purposes. Finally, in 2015, the latest – and ninth – owners purchased the house, embarked upon a renovation. Today, No. 1259 Dean Street sits within the Crown Heights North Historic District.

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