* 1375 Dean Street – this antebellum wood-frame structure, known as the George B. and Susan Elkins House, was landmarked in 2008. It is the oldest free-standing wood frame house in Crown Heights. Currently being restored, it has been owned by a litany of interesting and culturally important individuals and families. Two of its first owners lived in the house for approximately 60 years and were inventors and teachers. This period of ownership was followed by that of an ex-rabbi who founded an organization aimed at converting Jews to Christianity. Another owner had returned from WWII and befriended Eartha Kitt before she became famous. A frequent guest at the house, he dated her for a period. Afterwards the house was associated with Christ Church Cathedral, which was headed by the Right Reverend Reginald Grant Barrow, whose son was the first prime minister of Barbados, and who had worked with Marcus Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association. Barrow was also almost deported by President Warren G. Harding because of a history of “agitation.” which began in the Virgin Islands. The house later became a Williams Residence treatment center in 1989, harboring people living with HIV, the formerly homeless and substance abusers. After its next owner attempted to tear the house down in the 2000s, the Crown Heights North Association organized quickly to save the structure. The building was subsequently landmarked, preventing its further deterioration and destruction. Currently, an LLC, Komaru Enterprises, is restoring the house to its former glory.

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