106-8th-Ave* 106 Eighth Avenue – Built upon the land of a wealthy and respected Brooklyn merchant of old Dutch stock, Theodorus Polhemus, when the area was still known as Prospect Park Slope, 106 Eighth Avenue was designed by architect Thomas Bennett. Builder Louis Bonert, constructing 106 Eighth Avenue – and its sister, No. 108 – as his personal family residences in 1900, he eventually sold them to the CEO of a chair manufacturing interest. Over the years, the house has passed through the hands of an attorney, the wealthy daughter of the “millionaire speedometer king,” an alderman, an investor, and others. Dubbed the Brooklyn Embassy, the 4-story limestone structure contains 6 bedrooms and 7 full bathrooms. In the late 1940s the house, according to city records, was divided up into eight luxury apartments, but after a full renovation in the 1970s, it is currently on the chopping block, and is expected to be returned by its next owner into a single family home once again.

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