* 1 Verona Place – an 1881/82 brownstone, located in the Bedford section of Bedford-Stuyvesant, this structure was built by Thomas B. Jackson, who had immigrated from England to the U.S. in 1846. Having purchased the entire the entire row of building lots on the east side of Verona Place, Jackson received permits to construct 12 brownstone houses. No. 1 Verona’s lot, though, would be slightly different from all of the other 11 lots in its row. Sitting at a seemingly slight angle on the corner of Verona Place and Macon Street, the shape of the lot was irregular. It would measure 31’ 8 ¼” X 78’ 1” X 14’ 11,” and have a much smaller backyard that the other structures due primarily to how Jackson parceled the other lots he had purchased next to it on Macon Street. The first owner of the property was William H. Dole of Dole Brothers, Hops and Malt Merchants, who would purchase the house in 1884 for $10,500. Dole’s wife conveyed the house in 1901 to two widowed sisters who would possess the property for 40 years. In 1941, the house came into possession of its first African-American owners, the Gloster family. The Glosters, a family filled with medical professionals, were royalty in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section. Edna Gloster, the first member of the family to own the property, had been a nurse. Her son, Cecil C. Gloster, to whom she conveyed the property, had received his doctorate at New York University and performed his post doctorate at Harvard Medical School. The next family to own the property, George and Vernel Seymour, would possess it for longer than anyone – almost 50 years, selling it, at last, to a development firm in 2015.

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